Society aims

1- Serving, rehabilitating and developing special needs students of mental disability category.

2- Establishing specialized centers in special needs children.

3- Conserving special needs children basic rights and defend them.

4- Establishing productive projects with participation from special needs people.

5- Training and employing special needs people.

6- Conducting field studies and social surveys for special needs people and collecting the required information and classify it to present the required assistance economically if possible.

7- Opening horizons and cooperating with local charity societies to develop the work of society.

8- Setting up plans and programs that guarantee the principle of complete integration for special needs people and integrate them in local community.

9- Rehabiliating and training special needs people (Autism).

10- Educating and raising level of local community awareness and identifying them about methods of dealing with special needs people and integrate them in local community (through visits to institutions , schools and universities…etc).


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