Foundation and Establishment

Foundation and Establishment

Jasmine Charitable Society for Children with Special Needs (JCS) is a non-profit organization that was established in 2002 in Ramallah and Al Bireh Governorate and got formally registered in the Ministry of Interior on 19/7/2003 under the number of RA_2290_C. The society works on the care and rehabilitation of children with special needs, specifically children with mental retardation, autistic children and children suffering from motor and speech problems.

The society offers therapeutic, rehabilitative and daily care for children with special needs  in order to enable them to reach maximum level of independence in daily life activities. The Society has now 60 children (females and males) between the ages 3 and 22 years old from different degrees of handicaps (slow learners, children with learning difficulties, pre-vocational, mild, moderate, severe and combined handicaps, cerebral palsy and autistic children.


Society’s Establishment

Palestinian statistics shows that the disability rate is 7% of the total population and this number gives an indication to think practically and seriously to dedicate special attention to care for this sector of the community that can be productive and efficient.

In order to apply this, it is required to have organizations that work on providing rehabilitative and curative care for this target; this would be for the aim of enabling persons with special needs to become independent in their basic daily life activities and to become satisfied with the care they have, given they are individuals who have rights and obligations that the community should deal with effectively.

Based on this, Jasmine Charitable Society for Children with Special Needs was established. a group of families who have children with special needs established the society in 2002 for the aim to receive the maximum number of children and to offer complementary high professional services covering therapeutic and rehabilitative services.

Society’s Mission

To work on the care and rehabilitation of children with special needs and to help them become as much independent as possible; to integrate them in the local society and to raise community awareness about children with special needs.

Society’s Vision

To reach highest possible level of care and services for children with special needs and to work on integrating them in the local society, in addition to raising community awareness about this sector and how to deal with those children.


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