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Introduction of Jasmine Charitable Society and its goals

Jasmine Charitable Society (JCS) is a Palestinian non-profit civil society organization for the care of children with disabilities. The Society was founded in 2002 in the governorate of Ramallah and Al Bireh and was registered in the Palestinian Ministry of Interior on 19/7/2003 under the registration number of RA-2290-C. The Society works on the care, rehabilitation and treatment of individuals with disabilities and contributes in integrating them in the local community, so they can become self-dependent in their different daily life activities.

Vision: Towards a global advanced level of care, rehabilitation and integration of persons with disabilities in Palestine.

Mission: A non-profit civil society organization that seeks to provide quality services to persons with disabilities in Palestine.Goals: To contribute to the provision of a safe and dignified life for persons with disabilities and to work on achieving a greater level of sustainability.

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